Jorge Lizarazo

In France, at the studio of Massimiliano Fuksas, his headmaster once said to him: “Never underestimate the materials. Everything has more potential of what you might think, multiple uses and purposes”. Since then, whenever Jorge Lizarazo works with interior design, he always ask himself how to do things differently. From la Candelaria, where he achieved to perfectionate the weaving processes with metals threads such as bronze and a great variety of fibers in a huge storehouse of about 2.500 square meters located in the 20 de Julio neighborhood, called by Lizarazo with the name of Hechizoo, a workshop where the experimentation never stops. The chosen design directions by Jorge Lizarazo look inside the essence of his country, of his city, and of his life itself to find the inspiration required that make of his weaving a story teller, contemplation objects that show us, that are the images of the most patient labours the ones that shake you up, and change you life for ever.